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University of Vermont Rental Program

Thank you for your interest in renting/purchasing a MicroFridge!

Please place your  order for purchase or rental here for the upcoming Spring semester.

Please contact Customer Service/Direct Rental at (800) 637-7567 if you have any questions or check out “Frequently Asked Questions” on this website for help!


Rental Options

  • 3.1MF7-7D1

    Semester Rental
    Price: $125.00
    • Eco-Friendly R600a Refrigerant
    • UL Certificate Logo


    MicroFridge® with Safe Plug™ and 1st Defense™ Smoke Sensor

    Exterior Color: Classic Black
    Interior Color: White
    Fridge Capacity (cu. ft.): 2.2
    Freezer Capacity (cu. ft.): 0.9
    Total Capacity (cu. ft.): 3.1
    Microwave Capacity (cu. ft.): 0.7

    1st Defense™ Internal Smoke Sensor: Yes
    Safe Plug™ Technology: Yes
    USB Front Charging Station: Yes
    Doors: 2
    Defrost Type: Manual
    Freezer Type: True Zero-Degree
    Microwave Cooking Power (watts): 700

    Dimensions: 44" H x 18 11/16" W x 19 11/16" D
    Weight: 85.5 lbs

    MicroFridge® with Safe Plug™ and 1st Defense™ is the perfect solution that combines superior energy consumption with safety features you will appreciate– including our patent-pending 1st Defense™ Internal Smoke Sensor which shuts down the microwave when it senses smoke. The refrigerator has an ESTAR rating of 210 kWh and uses eco-friendly R600a refrigerant. The true zero-degree freezer keeps frozen items, like ice cream, truly frozen. Patented Safe Plug™ Technology uses half the electricity of 2 separate appliances– microwave and refrigerator. The USB Front Charging Station provides you with 2 USB ports and 1 traditional 3-prong outlet to charge your personal electronic devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops.


    Delivery Information

    MicroFridge will make every effort for your rental unit to be in your residence hall room by the first day of class. MicroFridge cannot guarantee your rental unit will be in your room upon arrival and will not be responsible for any food or items spoiled prior to the arrival of your rental unit. Please do not bring perishable food and items with you to school.

    MicroFridge offers free delivery and pick-up to and from your room. Students do not need to be present at the time of the delivery or pick-up. MicroFridge arranges a school escort to accompany us at all times while on-campus, and they can provide us access to rooms. You are responsible with providing MicroFridge correct/updated housing information. Without accurate housing information, MicroFridge will be unable to provide free delivery to your room and the unit will not be delivered in the above timeframe.

    The Microfridge
    Protection Plan: US Schools

    For the low cost of $18.68 per year, you can purchase the MicroFridge Protection Plan. This plan is available on all rental units and will cover you in the event your unit is returned to us soiled, damaged or lost. Students who wish to refrain from purchasing the MicroFridge Protection Plan will be billed: $30 if the entire combination unit is returned dirty, $15 if ONLY the microwave, refrigerator, or freezer is returned dirty, $30 for a broken or missing microwave plate, $20 for a broken or missing microwave ring, $12 per broken or missing shelf, $5 for a broken or missing ice cube tray, and $5 for a broken or missing scraper. The cost of replacing a lost MicroFridge can exceed $500.